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A Psychic Life


There is something about choosing blindly. Quickly. Without hesitation, that means you just picked the most perfect thing you could need or want at that particular point in time. I didn’t think there was anything magical in this, but as the years have gone by, I have come to feel there really is a touch of the divine in us when choosing quickly.

No second guessing. No wondering if you did the right thing. Just do it.

I did it just now. I was thinking about logging onto Facebook and reading something. I did the same thing with Reddit. Bound to find something of interest there but somehow the leap onto either of those platforms didn’t feel right. I dithered around and then took a deep breath.

I looked at the people I am following on Medium and picked the first person on the list, and read what she had just posted. I knew it was the right thing when I started to cry. It’s not that what she had written was sad in any way, it just resonated with me. It was in tune. It is what I was already sort of thinking about, and that is magic. Interestingly enough she had already received 333 claps for it. In my mind, multiple sequencing of numbers has always been interesting. My own special number is 222. I started seeing 222s everywhere when I first started getting psychic. At the time, I had been questing for something. I couldn’t put a name to it other than it had to do with being a writer, spirituality, and introspectivity. Later on, I discovered 222 means a lot of things. Things having to do with good things to come, being on the right path. I have taken it to mean a sign of spiritual questing. 333 is a signal that you are on the right path and about to get your just rewards. Maybe she will get a paycheck.

Have you heard of the idea of manifesting? It is the idea that if you think of something hard enough that you want in your life, you can manifest it. It sounds like magic, but it really works. You think about said thing often; you read about it, all about it; you hang pictures of it in your home and workplace, where you are reminded often. You spend a lot of time on the internet looking at it. Part of what you are desiring in your life might need some retraining on your part. So, you take a class, or you get a license or certification for it. Then the big part comes. You stop thinking about it. You put the idea out into the…



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I talk to dead guys. I have been a psychic channel since 1993. I love to write and hope you enjoy what I write about. Based in Oakland, California.