Daisy Mae — The Cat in the Study

I love my cats. We have four of them right now. The first three are brother and sisters although they are from two separate litters. The plan was to get Mama Cat spayed after she had Molly and Millie, but I wanted to wait until the kittens were weaned and all that. We weren’t fast enough and Stanley was born one night in our bedroom. I remember it was in the wee hours and somebody was crying. The kittens were at that stage where they were climbing the curtains for fun. My first thought was somebody had climbed the clothes tree and gotten stuck in one of Dennis’ pockets.

Dennis got up and investigated but found no hidden kitties. We scratched our heads, figuring we were hearing things and went back to bed. Except, there was the crying again!

This time I told Dennis to look at the clothes on the floor. Our clothes tree is sometimes so full that stuff falls off.

Sure enough, Stanley, Mama Cat’s latest newborn was in the comforting tangle of one of his sweaters. We never found any other kittens, just Stanley, though I was concerned there had to be more.

One of my cats — Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae Sitting on Her Chair in the Study — by the Author

The fourth cat came to us a few years later by following Arthur home. Arthur is/was Molly and Millie’s brother. That is a whole different story that I might tell someday. Right now, it is all still too painful. But Daisy Mae followed Arthur home. They were best…



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