Ding Dong

Seance at Von Erhardt’s — Table in Air
Photo shows seance held at the studio of Baron von Erhardt in Rome, Italy in 1909. (Source: New York Times, Nov. 21, 1909) — Public Domain from Picryl.com

The other day I was taking a nap and during it somebody rang our doorbell. It was only one ring and I decided to just go back to sleep rather than answer the door. Ever since I have retired I delight in not answering the phone or the door. I had enough people bother me for all those years that it feels good to ignore some of them now.

Nobody contacted me later in the day. There was no delivery out on the patio. Nothing was amiss and I never heard again.

Until last night. Or rather I think it was probably in the wee hours of the night. Three o’clock if I was going to guess. The doorbell rang again. I was sound asleep, awakened and lay there wondering who the hell was ringing our doorbell at that time of the night. I didn’t want to answer it wondering if some bad guys were on the other side of the door. I just lay there thinking about it. If it was an emergency and the house was on fire whoever was on the other side of the door would ring it again. I went back to sleep.

As I’ve been thinking about it this morning it occurred to me that in my early days of channeling the same thing was happening, except it was happening in my dreams. Like somebody was trying to contact me or break through a hearing barrier or something. I never did figure out what was going on 30 years ago but I’m wondering if the same thing isn’t happening now. After a time the door bell ringing thing stopped.

What I’ve been doing lately is concentrating on doing a table tipping. I bought the table over the weekend. It is a sweet round red table on pedestal legs I got for $20 from Ralph who sells used furniture a block away from our house. He’s been there for years and has always been a nice guy.

Since I’ve had the table, I have been thinking about how to go about the process. I have had negligible luck with table tipping by myself over the years. The most action I got by myself was a table tapping where it seems like somebody with a good set of knuckles is knocking on the underside of the table. That would be called table tapping and you can devise a code where one knock means yes and two mean no and so communicate with spirit that way.

The stage after table tapping is table tipping where the table actually starts moving. I had already had a taste of full-blown table tipping and wanted to experience that again…

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