Good Reasons to Drink Water

It is Cheaper than Beer


Water, water everywhere
Photo by Anastasia Taioglou on Unsplash

A piece of advice that keeps coming at us in the news and in advertisements is to get and stay hydrated. There are so many products out there you can add to water to make it palatable and encourage hydrating.

When you learn to like the taste of plain water you really don’t need to spend any money on it to flavor it.

The benefits of being hydrated are many. They cover the span from beauty to mental acuity to better health.

Let’s start with beautiful. The more water you drink the more elastic your skin will be. Plump. No wrinkles. Ageless. Of course, staying out of the sun to prevent sun damage is most beneficial I have found that I like when my skin feels good. One of the ways you can tell you need more water is when you pinch some skin on the back of your hand and it sort of stays there for a few seconds until it settles down again. This will certainly be more noticeable in an older person than in a younger one, but it can scare the hell out of a younger one to drink lots of water.

Drinking more water makes your hair stronger and grow faster.

Somewhere I read that your hair is 25% water, but then our bodies are 50% to 75% water depending on gender and age. I think my body must have air in it. I haven’t been able to sink in a swimming pool in ages. Must be air. It’s certainly not the rubber hat on my hair.

By the way, putting tea or coffee into water does not count as a glass of water. Tea will act as a diuretic which means your body releases water. Remember the old diet pills? Speed? They were diuretics. And coffee has caffeine which isn’t good for you any which way. I have to confess that I like my two cups of coffee in the morning, both to wake up and to get going if you know what I mean. Coffee acts like a laxative. Somebody told me once for every glass of tea you drink you need to drink an additional 2 glasses of water to contradict the effects of one glass of tea.

Everybody says 8 glasses of water a day is good for you. Eight glasses of anything is a lot, though I was able once upon a time to drink more than my fair share of beer. What you do is you gradually increase the amount of water you drink every day. I keep…



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