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Get away from people who are always complaining. You will never change their mind. Go have an adventure by yourself.
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I’ve known people in my life who, at every turn, will say they are not happy about one thing or the other.

It’s like you’ve got a beautiful summer day. You’ve been enjoying it all morning and now you’re talking to Miss Nose Bent Out of Shape and all she can talk about is how her complexion is going to be ruined by the sunshine, the bugs that annoy her, the neighbors down the street who just bought a fancy car, or what the people across the street are doing now.

I mean this snot’s outlook is poison.

And you’re related to her?

Oh, I am so sorry.

You know what I would do? I would shut the door and walk the other way. Quickly.

There is no amount of cajoling that can be done to get this person to change their outlook on life.

When she starts complaining to your idiot brother that you are not available anymore and he starts badgering you, include him in the now shunned group of two. He is what is called collateral damage. Plus, he’s an idiot anyway.

I do not want this to be a long piece. There’s enough bad juju in it already.

Yup, you want to improve your own outlook on life? Don’t even give a second thought to anybody out there who wants to rain on your parade.

Just take a deep breath, get dressed, and go have an adventure.

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I hope you enjoyed the read. I’m off on my next adventure.



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