I Think I Am Tense

Two R’s you Hoid


I am an older person and have to take a lot of pills every day. This is how I get them to go down easily. I swallow with water and do a reverse fist pump with my fist coming down as the pills disappear into my gullet. Granted, this is a little strange, but it works for me.
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I’m a little bit tense these days. I’m trying not to be, but it is showing up. One of the good ways I can tell is if I can’t swallow pills easily. If all is going well with my life, I can scoop up a bunch of pills all at once and swallow them right down with no dramatics.

Because I am getting older, I seem to have a lot of supplements, vitamins, and medications to take. When you count them up there are a lot of them. I’m not going to say how many because, if I don’t have them in front of me, or at least the pill bottles I can’t seem to figure out how many. How do I know this? I just tried. Also, I can’t count them because I just struggled with trying to get some of them down.

Let’s just say a good dozen. There are more at night and of the three I take then it was difficult last night. Now, there is the one I’m supposed to take ½ an hour before dinner. I keep forgetting about that one. All these pills are getting to be annoying. It’s been difficult taking any of them all week.

I don’t know when I started having trouble taking pills. I do remember in my younger years having trouble. I’d choke. I’d gag. I’d grind up those bitter, horrible pills trying to swallow them. The water in my mouth would be gone and I’d be rolling around horrible pills in my mouth.

I found a solution.

I’d do a fist pump only in reverse. My fisted hand would start over my head and descend as the water and pills went quickly down my throat. If I thought about it all was lost.

The most horrible feeling in the world, to me, is to get a pill stuck in my throat where it is neither going up or down.

So, what’s wrong in your life Pauline?

Lawyers. Our lawyer and the other lawyer. If my husband gets too exercised, he will have a seizure. He didn’t even say goodbye to me this morning. The last I heard was him yelling at somebody on the phone. Dollars to doughnuts it was our lawyer. They yelled yesterday. Dennis told me he almost hung up on the guy.

Then, when they talked later the lawyer said he was used to people yelling at him. My feeling is there will be an annoyance fee somewhere along the line, but that is true in any company.



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