I Think I Am Tense

Two R’s you Hoid

I am an older person and have to take a lot of pills every day. This is how I get them to go down easily. I swallow with water and do a reverse fist pump with my fist coming down as the pills disappear into my gullet. Granted, this is a little strange, but it works for me.
Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

I’m a little bit tense these days. I’m trying not to be, but it is showing up. One of the good ways I can tell is if I can’t swallow pills easily. If all is going well with my life, I can scoop up a bunch of pills all at once and swallow them right down with no dramatics.

Because I am getting older, I seem to have a lot of supplements, vitamins, and medications to take. When…



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Pauline Evanosky

Pauline Evanosky

I have been a spiritual channel since 1993. I love to write and hope you enjoy what I write about. Join Medium at: https://pmevanosky.medium.com/membership