I’m Trying Something New

Let’s See If It Works


A spreadsheet I made in excel to help me remember things

It occurred to me that I tend to lose track of time. When I had a job, I would have plans for the day but within half an hour of getting to work, toward the end of my employment anyway, they all got smashed to smithereens and I ended up like a batter in a batting cage smashing whatever balls came my way.

Before I knew what had happened it was time to go home and I couldn’t, some days anyway, say I’d done anything on my list. In those days I started coming in early and staying late without letting anybody know I was there in order to get my work done.

I was busy all day. I really earned my paycheck. Then, I retired.

It took me a couple of years to get used to being retired. And even then, I took a part-time job for a couple of years. After that being retired was easier and I began writing a lot.

However, with as many things as I’ve got going on these days, I tend to get buried and realize that 3 weeks down the road I have neglected something.

So, I invented a new schedule the other day. This does not replace the schedule I made for hourly activities. Instead, it’s just a simple checklist that I can mark when I’ve done something. It doesn’t matter if I spent 10 minutes on it or 3 hours. Or, even if I did it 3 times each day. Just a check to show I did something. That way I don’t notice and be surprised that it was last October when I did anything on my website, Talking to Spirit. I just looked. It’s been a year.

With this nifty new way of keeping me in line, I will know it’s been 2 weeks since I did something. Either that activity will be removed completely, or I’ll get my butt in gear.

For somebody who sometimes can’t remember why I went to a different room of the house, I think this might be a nice workaround. By the way, it is easily replicated in an excel spreadsheet.

The other day I checked off the exercise box. My friend asked me what I’d done, and I told her I’d waved my arms around. Also, the 3-thing rule is picking up 3 things and putting them away. By 2035 I might have my study cleaned up.

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