It Really Is Happily Ever After

And You Thought That Was Just in the Movies


Ain’t it grand? — Photo by Ilona Celeste on Unsplash

Love doesn’t always start with fireworks. Those can happen along the way, of course, but I believe fireworks at the beginning of a relationship might sometimes be rarer than they let on in the stories.

What I think is perhaps there might instead be a spark. It is small. It might be the glint in someone’s eye. It is never startling. I think it is this special super powerful ray that moves from one heart to another that says, “Oh, there you are.” But of course, we are generally polite, and a friendship might be started.

Or perhaps the two people don’t understand what just happened and they part ways, perhaps with the thought they might not ever see one another again. But somehow, they do meet again.

Was it in school? Was it at work? Was it at the library or in a coffeeshop? Who knows? The chance second meeting is not uncommon.

What might be more difficult is the intentional asking of the other person for coffee or even for a date.

The threads of the friendship are intensified. That golden cord is strengthened.

I felt that spark the first time I met my husband. In fact, he took my breath away. Within days I knew for a certainty that we would be together for the rest of…



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