It’s Called Psychic Sensitivity

It’s Just a Feeling


Runes, an ancient form of divination. A bit of guidance for the day.
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A friend called me from work this morning to say she had a bad feeling. She didn’t know what it was, but it was a feeling of dread, and she was frightened.

I checked CNN and our local news station. Nothing, other than the current troubles, had happened. I was thinking of a natural disaster or another mass shooting.

I told her to try not to worry about it. I told her to make sure her and her husband’s phones were charged. That takes care of personal immediate issues. If she or he needs help they can make a call. It’s a tiny step toward being prepared.

You can’t go your entire day trying to be careful that some Mack truck is going to blow out of nowhere and run you over. Stuff like that happens when you allow fear to take control.

I told her I believed it was a case of her psychic sensitivity becoming more present in her life. Family lore in her family said her grandmother was psychic. Nobody really wanted to talk about it, but there was that. My grandmother was also psychic, so I know the feeling.

I have heard that being psychic does run in families, mostly on the female side. With the patriarchal attitudes that run through history, embracing psychicness can get you burned to a cinder. Just saying. So, there is a tendency to shun stuff like that. If we don’t talk about it…it doesn’t exist.

There is also something closely related to the laws of manifestation. This is where you think about something long and hard and eventually, lots of opportunities will come your way to manifest whatever it is you’ve been thinking about.

Like answers to prayer, these things are not handed to you on a silver platter. You need to work for them.

The problem people have is in recognizing those opportunities. You’ve heard the joke about the guy who climbs on his roof while the river is rising? His neighbors float by in boats offering to help him and he keeps turning them down, one after the other, saying, “I’m okay. God will save me.” Three times this happened with different people in rowboats offering to help him. Well, he drowns. The next scene is him confronting God, angry as heck…



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