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Hearts of Space


An eclipse of the sun, where the day turns to night. People don’t know what to do. Is the World ending? No, no, here comes the light. Again.
Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

I am so into ambient music. No words because they distract me, but I like the way that writing to music allows me to go to places I don’t normally go to when I am awrite, as opposed to alight, or afire, or away.

Some of it makes the writing slow down so that I am writing only five or six words at a time.

Of course, my eyes are closed. Who wants to look at a messy study or my ratty bathrobe (note to self: must pretreat stains before next wash)…back again, ignore the outside, eyes are closed…soar, catch your breath.

Yikes, it was too loud. I had to turn it down.

I recently rediscovered a program called Hearts of Space. I began listening to it in the 1990s I think, though it has been around since the 1970s. They are still on the radio the same as when I listened to them so long ago, but now, because of the internet, they are online as well. Each Sunday they come out with a new program that anybody can listen to. I went ahead and joined up for the year, about twice as much as a Medium fee, but I am pleased because I can listen to practically anything on the site.

Sunday night programming is available to anybody who wants to listen to it. Go to Hearts of Space on the internet and listen there. Last Sunday’s program is by Michael Sterns who does fine outer space music. It’s a remastered version of Planetary Unfolding that came out first in 1981 and is released again in 2022.

Each week’s program will feature different artists. Listening to it might help you out of a rut. Or, it might help you get into a mood. Or, you might discover an artist you hadn’t heard of before.



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