Reading and Eating

Two Things I Enjoy Doing


Somewhere along the line, a long time ago I heard somebody say that while you are writing a book you really should not be reading other things just so you don’t unconsciously plagiarize anything they wrote. The problem with that is the only time I ever finished writing a book it took 3 years. Before the love of writing appeared in my life I was in love with reading.

I can even remember as a little girl wanting something to read so desperately in the bathroom (even then the reading room in my house) that I read the back of the container of Ajax. What can I say? It was interesting. Now, the print would be too small for me. That’s why I love my Kindle. I can make the font larger when warranted.

So, in like fashion I was just reading my current selection by Steve Higgs. This is his 20-book series about Mrs. Fischer, a middle-aged lady who caught her best friend in bed with her husband and fled because the situation was so horrible. That was a good 14 books ago, or so. She booked a cruise and went off on an around-the-world journey (the first 10 books) solving crimes at every port of call.

Then, with her new career in place once she’d returned to England she began investigating on the ground. So, before I came to my study this morning, I was on the can reading the latest mystery.

Patricia Fischer said lunch was beckoning. I had to laugh and repeated it, “Lunch beckoned?” Hell, in my house the whole refrigerator beckons. The stove beckons, and the pantry beckons. Hell, there are probably any number of expired items that would beckon to me. Any overweight person will tell you that lunch does not beckon. That is for skinny people.

This is why they advise against shopping for groceries on an empty stomach.

Just my two cents riffing off of other people’s heads.

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