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How Not To Get Hired


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This is a true story. I decided to tell it not only because of the psychic implications involved but also because of how people sometimes use social media.

It was more than fifteen years ago. We were advertising for drivers. In my company, we relied upon the managers to vet the folks who wanted to work. I was never involved in this process, but it was understood that the managers had done all the hiring for many years.

In the office, we would get involved if somebody was going to be hired for an office position. Otherwise, we were kindly asked to mind our own business. I don’t believe that speaks highly of the people involved, but we honored their wishes.

In the long run, they mostly hired good candidates, though there were some slippery ones who got through and who created problems down the road that involved us. Those are other stories.

We learned this particular person was being considered for a position. He had not yet been offered the position. That’s where I got this strange feeling. It was just a feeling. In those days, I was already channeling and a sort of half-assed psychic. I can’t say I’m any better than I was then, but this particular time, I paid attention to that small feeling.

I Googled the guy. We uncovered a Facebook account full of pictures of this guy having a good time and partying up a storm. I mean, there were even pictures of him with these huge bongs smoking God knows what. The implication, though, was it was dope.

We called the manager and told him not to hire the twit under any circumstances.

So, just because you already have a job that you feel safe in, please do not put stupid stuff out on social media. You might miss out on an important client, or a much-wanted promotion, or your current employer could get wind of it and start building a book about you.

In employer speak this is one of those CYA measures where you have irrefutable evidence against the person you fire. I’m sure there are all sorts of legal ramifications about firing folks. There were in my day and people can lie all day long. Again, another day and another story.

In the years since I held a steady job, I don’t know what the rules are now about…



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