Voices in my Head

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I learned something interesting today by reading the weekly email the people that be at Medium.com compile with interesting stories. There was one from Amy Klobuchar, the Democrat Senator from Minnesota with something as simple and mundane as a go-to Tater Tot recipe. I’m always interested in quick dinners, not because I have a job and have no time for domestic housewifery but because I’m a writer and my desk chair gets as much activity as my chair at work used to get. I’m retired now and find myself busier than I ever was.

But the point of this story is I just read a simple recipe at Medium.com from a rather famous lady. I look up to all women who are in politics. It’s just something that has to happen. I rejoice that I am old enough to celebrate the idea that women in politics is an everyday thing. I realize there is a lot of old thinking around that centers upon race and misogyny, but I can also say I am old enough to see that the situation has improved during my life.

As a psychic I listen to the voices in my head and one of them just said, “It ain’t over yet.” I wonder who that was? I can see a vision of a small black woman. She is elderly and sort of bent over with care. Harriet Tubman keeps ringing in my ears. She said to me,You do that and you get in trouble, Dearie.” But that’s my job now, to stand out on a limb the way other women have done over and over through history. Why I’m standing out there is for Spirit. Those voices we know from textbooks, from the news and from the movies.

You know how I know it is Spirit? I know because I always cry. I come so close in interacting with Spirit that it can affect me physically at times. It’s not just wishful thinking to hear voices from people who have passed. They don’t want anything. They just want to say hello and to be a part of your life for a little bit. I like it when I talk to them later on too. And it’s nice because I used to be terribly shy talking to people. I don’t suppose I am anymore. What is different is that now I’m just being plain spoken about some of the people in Spirit I talk to.

I talk to my family all the time, those who have passed. The older you get the more people in Spirit you’ve got to talk to, so there are a grand bunch of them out there. Grand. I’m smiling because my grandmother just gave me that word.

I take credit for every word that comes through me either verbally or written, but sometimes I get help from Spirit. I’m glad that I can differentiate when that happens.

Thanks for letting me share my observations with you. And, in these early days of my writing at Medium.com I’d be pleased to follow you if you would follow me. Clap, Comment and Follow and thank you for your time.



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