When to be Concerned and When to Just Drop It

Here’s Where Your Energy Goes


A barn raising — more hands help — Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

I was just watching one of my favorite YouTubers. Trent and Allie in the mountains of Utah about three years ago started building their house. They have learned a lot about construction through the years and now have a one-bedroom beautiful house. Except, they had a baby, and someday, they might have more children. They needed a place for the kid besides in their bedroom. Also, there were other factors like the morning sunlight would wake them up and stuff like that. Anyway, they’ve been working on an addition to the house, and other than contractors to come in and pour concrete and friends to help, they use the months with no snow to get stuff done.

Right now, they are working on getting a roof for the addition, and it isn’t something they thought, in their wildest dreams, they might be able to do this year before the snow flies.

I’ll put a link below to the episode I’m watching. Trent and Allie are talking to a guy who might be able to get them the roofing they need, but they are discussing the incoming weather, which looks to be snow. Will it or won’t it? Here’s what used to happen. Do you think we can make it? All sorts of back and forth about the weather.

I realize that farmers, as much as construction folks, are at the mercy of the weather, but there is a point, I think, where you just have to work as fast as you can and, eventually, let it go.

Letting anything go, no matter what it is, is hard to do. I don’t care if you are a teenage girl or boy hoping for the perfect boy or girlfriend; you just can’t pine over them. You have to just get on with living your life. Make your wants and needs known. Have the courage to do that, just let it go, and live with whatever is going to happen.

Did you do wrong? Could you have made your case in a better manner? No, you did your best. Now, let it go and do something interesting.

I am not criticizing because I used to obsess over all sorts of things, too. I’m just saying, can you recognize that you have an opportunity to let stuff go that isn’t helpful to your cause, whatever that cause is.

For me, there was this abundance of negative energy that just stymied me and whatever…



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