Cat Slobber

It might sound gross. It’s not really. You get used to it. This can happen from one of two conditions. Your cat is having dental problems, or the cat really loves you.

They drool when they are happy.

Photo by Arina Krasnikova from Pexels

Not all cats drool. At least, that has been my experience. Millie drools. Our smallest cat Daisy Mae drools. Sometimes Molly drools. Sometimes it gets on you. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it Stanley drools too. Not much, but he does infrequently when he is having a quiet private moment. So, actually, all of my cats drool. Come to think of it the parakeet does too. Rather he throws up on his mirror which is his way of being happy and sharing a meal with his friend in the reflection. If my old phone is charged up I play the only thing on it for him which is a video of another parakeet whistling and chirping up a storm.

In another article I mentioned the techniques I use to keep cats’ claws short. The reasoning for keeping up with cat manicures is because they can snag fabric and put long runs in it if they are caught on the warp or weft of the material. Or, just put a stinking big hole in it. If they are frightened and you get in the way you might need to nurse a scratch for a few days. If you do something they object to their scratch is going to hurt. And, if they are in a lovey-dovey mood they will stick their beautifully sharp nails right into you.

In conjunction with piercing the owner in a loving way they will also if they are really happy drool on you.

Case in point this morning prior to me writing this piece was Daisy Mae coming over to see what I was doing. I had to move the keyboard abruptly because she was bound and determined to get some loving in. With the keyboard gone she had full access to Mommy and put her sharp little claws into me to get a good grip. Then, she spent time purring and drooling while she rubbed her sweet little face on my rather larger face. When she decided to get on her chair, she left little spots of drool on my glasses. Normally, I don’t bother with the drool that lands on me unless there is an awful lot of it or if any of them have CFB (cat food breath). But this was on my glasses, and I couldn’t see properly. I don’t like to have distractions around my face. Like my hair could get caught in the hinge of my glasses and then tickles me. It feels like midges attacking. When I pull off my glasses, I realize I’ve gotten another hair caught in them when I feel it sharply pulled.

Well, it’s better than when I used to smoke outside, and the wind would blow an errant strand of hair across the business end of my cigarette. I had more sizzled little ends around my face in those days.

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