Elvis Has Left the Building

Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

Night before last I asked my husband about a pretty little child’s book, a hand illustrated poem written by a little girl. The pages were all enclosed in plastic sleeves, like you would a chap book of photographs. On the back flap there was a handwritten card with the directions to return the book to a lady.

I said to him, “Dennis, don’t you need to return this book?”

He got this funny look on his face and sort of tilted his head at me. He said, “She died and her daughter (who wrote the poem when she was little) told me I could keep it.”

I am a psychic. I should know when people are dead. I just should. This is where I have applied commonly expressed ideas about psychics to myself. I see Spirits. I sense them. I can see them in my mind’s eye. Yesterday, I wrote an article about a bit of a conversation I had with one of them.

So, this morning I sat with Spirit and asked the question, “Why didn’t I know she was dead?”

They explained to me, “Nowhere does it say you should always know when people have passed. At this point in time, you would be too overwhelmed. So, for you it is the images that come to you. You sense the yellow wallpaper with butterflies. You sense the older woman, bent over and careworn. You see in your mind’s eye someone beckoning you to follow them down a sun dappled driveway. This is what you do. This is what you might say that you do. After that contact of seeing psychically you can speak, if you want, to the individual involved.”

“They come to you as you would be able to understand in your vernacular that this was a man, or this was a woman, or this was a child. It is not who they are now. Now they are Spirit and they twinkle and sound as wind chimes. But you do not understand the messages that come from wind chimes, so they appear to you as a person or as an animal.”

“Not being able to sense that a particular individual has passed on is really of no note.”

“Well, it is, sort of to me.”

“It is of no note.”

I’ll have to get used to this. I say, “I talk to dead people”. Why? Well, it is sure to get somebody’s attention and I don’t have to go into any long-winded explanation of exactly what I do. I suppose I could start saying, “I can see things.” I’ll have to think about it. And I do talk to dead people. Somebody in Spirit just said, “Elvis has left the building. What a hoot.

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Pauline Evanosky: writer, psychic, channel

I talk to dead guys. I have been a psychic channel since 1993. I love to write and hope you enjoy what I write about. Based in Oakland, California.